Patti Thomas

Patti Thomas

Weight Loss Formula No.1: 12/7/2012

- "I have learned that if I stick to the RealDose program, it works!"
- "Stick to it even when it feels as though it isn't working. Hang in there because the weight will come off; RealDose works. After years of trying to lose weight, RealDose was the breakthrough to losing weight easily and naturally."
- "For the past ten years I have tried to lose weight, even trying veganism for a year. Though I exercised and ate healthily, the pounds still did not come off. I was losing the battle and had actually gained ten pounds in the last year while trying to lose weight! I was exasperated and ready to give up. Once I added RealDose to my program, I was amazed at how easily the weight finally began to come off. I stopped drinking sodas, and I began using the Fat Loss Fast Start program as my guide. My rheumatoid arthritis, which I have had since childhood, feels much better and I have more energy. I have hit several plateaus where I maintained my weight loss but didn't lose for 3 weeks. I hung in there, though I felt like giving up. My body was just adjusting, and when my body was ready, my weight would start dropping again. RealDose helped me change my eating habits to not eat after dinner, eat small snacks throughout the day, and keep good standby foods around at all times so that I won't be tempted to eat the wrong things. I have learned that if I stick to the RealDose program, it works! I have lost a significant amount weight in 3 months! I can't wait for what will happen in the next 3 months."

RealReds:  03/28/2013

- "I like the idea of RealReds. I think it is a good product and a way of getting the benefits of berries but with fewer calories and less cost. My husband read the labeling and commandeered my RealReds. He likes them a lot and uses them every day. I had to ask him to share!"

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