Marva Osborn

Marva Osborn

Weight Loss Formula No.1: 12/3/2012

- "RealDose is making weight loss easier and more successful for me."
- "RealDose is making weight loss easier and more successful for me. I am sleeping better and waking up rested. Weight loss is steady at 1 to 2 pounds a week, with a few plateaus thrown in and the program was easy to follow. Don't give up, just keep going it will come off in time! It took several years to acquire the weight, so will it take time to remove it, is my motto. It is the only program that I have ever followed and now it's become a way of life."
- "I work nights as a cardiac nurse and weight has been slowly creeping up on me over the years. RealDose is making a significant difference for me. I read through the Fat Loss Fast Start plan and modified what I was eating by eliminating most of the processed foods and added lots more vegetables. Soon I was dropping a few pounds a week without craving chips and sweets like I had before. I don't feel hungry and feel satisfied when I do eat. I keep a diary of my daily food intake and calculated calories so I can reach my ideal weight. There have been a few times that I have been discouraged, when I remained the same weight for a week, but then it started coming off again. I am sleeping better and waking up rested. I find now that I don't have to think about eating, it's just comes naturally. I really enjoy Dr. Steve's emails and insights. It's become a way of life and I am feeling more energetic and am feeling like my youthful self again! Even at the age of 61 years!"

RealReds: 07/26/14

- "Good flavor, tastes like strawberry. No after taste."

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