Martha Schroeder

Martha Schroeder

Weight Loss Formula No.1: Date of this testimonial: 12/20/2012

- " RealDose is the game changer for me. "

- " As a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, I know how to lose weight, but lately it wasn't working. RealDose made the difference and now I'm down two dress sizes! "

- " RealDose is the game changer for me. I have been a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, but once I hit menopause simply counting calories or meal points was no longer working. The video made sense. I have lost weight for the last year. At times I would hit a plateau where I would stay for a week or so. I realized that even though I wasn't losing pounds during this time I WAS losing inches so I didn't let the plateaus discourage me from sticking to the RealDose guide. At 5'4", I have always struggled with my weight. Thanks to RealDose I am now 2 dress sizes smaller, eating healthier, closing the kitchen at 8 and feeling great! "

RealMeal Date of this testimonial: 02/11/2013

- " I liked the taste of the Vanilla RealMeal when mixed with Almond milk. I tried first mixing it with water and it was not good! I also tried adding blackberry concentrate to the RealMeal with almond milk and I liked that. I would use it every morning. That is what I did while I was trying it. I used it as my breakfast shake. I I mixed it with original almond milk - no flavoring. I used it plain. I used it as a meal replacement. I would used it every morning for breakfast. I want a quick easy breakfast. It would be nice if your first order came with a shaker glass. I have very little counter space so I don't want to have to get my blender in and out of the cabinet every morning. I am sure it would be good with strawberries or blueberries blended into it. I would love a list of smoothie recipes.

Martha " 

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