Thyroid medications and high fiber food

Certain Thyroid medications may come with a warning to avoid high fiber foods (beans, nuts, etc.).

Recently, I was working with a customer and she was very frustrated because she had just been placed on Levothyroxine (very common hypo-thyroidism medication) and told that she had to avoid high fiber foods like beans, nuts and berries. 

She was eager to follow the RealDose Fat Loss Fast Start plan, but was worried about it interacting with her medication.

We did some research into this and found that this "warning" about thyroid medications and high fiber foods may be confusing.

It is specifically more about the timing of  when a person eats high fiber foods, but not that they need to avoid them altogether.

Eating beans & berries within about 4 hours of the thyroid medication CAN lower how much medication is absorbed. However, it seems that as long as a person is separating their high-fiber foods and thyroid medication by at least 4 hours, they should have no worries. Also, even when combined in the same meal, there is only about a 10% change in absorption.

As always please check with your doctor about what is 100% safe for you. 


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