Will taking a break from the Weight Loss Formula enhance my results?

Evidence is lacking to suggest that taking a break from WLF No.1 would improve your weight loss success. Rather, taking it daily is important. In this way, you consume the right amount of each of the active ingredients clinically shown to support your weight loss efforts.

To get the most out of WLF No.1, it’s not only important to take it daily, but also as directed. For maximum benefits, be sure to take one capsule 30 minutes before each of your three main meals with a full glass of water.

You may also want to re-evaluate your diet and exercise routine. While dieting, many people tend to relax their efforts without realizing it. For example, food portions, once precise, tend to become more relaxed. The same holds true for exercise, which may become less routine. Refocusing on your diet and exercise efforts while taking WLF No.1, as directed, is your best strategy for reaching your weight loss goal.

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