Will WLF1 help me since I don't have a working thyroid?

Individuals without a thyroid or who have low thyroid (hypothyroidism) will often experience difficulty losing weight due to the metabolic and hormonal changes that occur with this condition. Most practitioners will likely recommend that you assess your potential for some type of thyroid treatment to help you lose weight. However, diet and exercise also play a key role in your ability to lose weight even when you have had your thyroid removed or have hypothyroidism. A slow steady approach to weight loss is best. Making healthy choices combined with thyroid treatment can help remove the barriers that blocked your success in the past.

As for using WLF1, we’ve taken great care to formulate RealDose Weight Loss Formula so it will not interfere with most common medications, including those for the treatment of diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, and high blood pressure. 

But we recommend you check with your doctor before using it to ensure that it is appropriate for your unique treatment plan. This would apply to any dietary supplement that you are considering using.

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