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Who can benefit from this product?

You’ve probably seen the news headlines about Vitamin D. It turns out that a large number of us are not consuming an optimal amount to maintain body stores in the healthy range.

Unlike other vitamins, vitamin D can be produced in the body when skin is exposed to sunlight. But for most of us, with our indoor jobs and sun-wary lifestyles, that’s not happening. Between days spent in the office and cautious use of protective clothing and sunscreens, we’re not getting sufficient sunlight exposure to produce enough vitamin D. For this reason, healthy adults can benefit from a daily supplement.

For certain groups, supplementing with vitamin D may be especially beneficial. Consider incorporating Vegan Vitamin D3 into your daily routine if you fall into one of these groups:

         Mature adults. The body is less efficient at producing vitamin D as it ages, making food and supplement sources more important for mature adults.

         People with limited sun exposure. People who have jobs that limit sun exposure and people who wear long robes and head coverings are unlikely to receive enough exposure to the sun to produce an optimal amount of vitamin D.

         People with dark skin. People with dark skin have a greater amount of melanin, a skin pigment that decreases the skin’s ability to produce vitamin D from sunlight.

         People who are overweight. Excess body fat is associated with lower serum levels of vitamin D. The extra amount of subcutaneous fat may trap the vitamin and alter its release into the circulation system[TC1] .

         People who use sunscreen. Using a sunscreen helps protect against the harmful effects of sun exposure. However, some research suggests that sunscreens with a sun protection factor (SPF) as low as 8 significantly decrease the body’s ability to make vitamin D.

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