Vitamin D3 - Varying From Dosage

We recommend you take the product as directed on the package.

The best documented results from the studies on Vitamin D were completed on adults who took the product as we suggest. For this reason, we can't guarantee you will achieve optimal results if you vary from the recommended dosage. We recommend you take the product as directed on the package.

That said, we know there is existing research for an intake of Vitamin D  that is higher than 1,000 IU/day. This research is based on population studies that simply show a correlation between Vitamin D intake and health status. This type of study can certainly suggest a possible link but it is not sufficient to confirm evidence of cause and effect. At RealDose we always stay true to our promise to provide the "Right Ingredients at the Real Dose" . We feel the the best science shows to be the appropriate recommended dose to be 1,000 IU/day.  

Monitoring serum 25(OH)/ Vitamin D levels is only way to know whether your individual Vitamin D status is low, adequate or too high. This is why we recommend visiting your personal physician to have your Vitamin D level tested. 

Some people who are vitamin D deficient may benefit from a higher intake for a short period of time; again however, this higher intake should be discussed with your doctor so that your serum 25(OH)D level can be properly monitored.

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