Benefits of RealDose Vegan Vitamin D3

This is the One Anti-Aging Supplement You Shouldn’t Do Without!!

Vitamin D has long been recognized for its role in bone health, immune function, muscle performance and healthy cell turnover.

Did you know - emerging research suggests that Vitamin D can support your body’s ability to protect heart, breast and colon cells?

 If that's not enough to inspire a second look at what some might consider a plain Jane nutrient, emerging research now reveals that vitamin D may also key play a role in heart, breast, colon and prostate health as well as promote longevity.

Here is what we know:
        Vitamin D helps maintain healthy bones and strong muscles

        Vitamin D supports normal, healthy cell growth and…

        Vitamin D helps to protect your lungs

All that for less than $.25 a day!  You can see why we call Vitamin D an “Essential” part of your normal Healthy Life Plan. 

Our high potency Vegan Vitamin D3 comes in an easy to swallow capsule with 1,000 IU International Units) , giving you just the right amount of active D3 for optimal absorption and use. 

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