Are RD Products USP certified?

The “USP Dietary Supplement Verification Program,” which is a voluntary program to test a dietary supplement for a fee, allowing products that pass to bear a logo (USP Verified Dietary Supplement). The testing methods are based on U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) monographs. A monograph is simply a description of specific testing procedures such as how to prepare a sample, what to test for, and what reference values to use. A dietary supplement marketer with a focus on quality can certainly pay to join the USP Verified Program to have finished products tested.

A better approach, we believe, is to incorporate quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process, including the use of USP testing methods. This is what we do at RealDose for all of our products. For example, raw materials are tested for potency, composition, and purity. In-process testing is conducted to monitor and insure the quality of products through the manufacturing process. Finished products are subjected to various chemical, physical, and microbiological testing depending upon the nature of the raw materials used. Where applicable, USP methods are used throughout this process. We also send every batch of finished product to an independent third-party analytical lab for testing. Here, USP methods are used for another quality check of purity. In this way, we can deliver a product that is not only effective, but also meets our high standards of quality and purity.

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