What type of diet should I follow to lose weight?

At RealDose we recommend following Dr. Steve's Fat Loss Fast Start Plan, which is based largely on a mediterranean style plan. This plan is included as an E-Book with the purchase of the Weight Loss Formula No. 1 product. 

We recommend a vegetable based diet that includes lean protein, some whole grains, fruits, and is high in Essential fatty acids (oils from natural sources like fish, nuts & seeds, avocados). Some people find it easier to focus on what types of foods to avoid which are foods made from flour, foods containing processed sugar, foods containing processed fats and oils (like vegetable oil, hydrogenated oils or margarine), foods containing man-made ingredients or chemicals which can disrupt your hormonal system causing weight gain and preventing weight loss (as well as other health issues). 

The main thing is to focus on the QUALITY of the food you are eating rather than the QUANTITY. *Always focus on whole foods (whole foods = as it was grown/in it's natural state, not altered into a different form, packaged, bottled or canned) - just making this ONE change can make a BIG difference in helping you reach your health goal! 

Other things that contribute to both vibrant health and weight loss and are of high importance are proper hydration (lot's of pure water), quality sleep (7-8 hours w/o interruption), elimination of toxins (in and on your body and in your surrounding environment) and movement, which not only helps burn calories and build muscle but also with elimination of toxins from your body. 

If you apply these rules, you then for the most part you can pick the foods from within those categories that best suit your taste!

For details on the plan go here: Fat Loss Fast Start Plan & Faq's

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