Why do I need to exercise and eat better if weight loss supplements really work?

Great question!...and I'll try to keep my answer short. 

I always recommend making permanent healthy lifestyle changes to everyone. All of the suggestions I've given are to help you become a healthier, happier person  -  not just see the number on your scale go down. 

Keep in mind, most people gain weight from years of eating foods that are full of chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives, as well as making poor food choices, and practicing other unhealthy lifestyle habits.  It's not only how MUCH people eat that makes them gain weight, but what they are eating, the quality of food, and WHEN they are eating also causes contributes. 

You also have to consider other habits like, emotions & stress, sleep habits, fluid intake, movement, environmental toxins, and even medical conditions or medications too.  Issues in all these areas can lead to hormonal imbalances. Our hormones work on the buddy system - when one is out of whack, it's like a domino effect - they all start to topple.

Hence, we gain (or are unable to lose), and we want a quick fix or a miracle pill, which is what our society conditions us to think and do.

Supplements can help you get back on the right track, however they can't do all the work for you. They are a tool, and can aid  and assist your body with certain processes, but in the end, without making a lifetime commitment to proper nutrition, exercise and a healthy mindset, most people will gain their weight back as soon as they stop taking a supplement. 

Temporary fixes lead to temporary weight loss.

This is why, here at RealDose we believe if we can help you adopt the proper eating, exercise and a healthy mindset and lifestyle habits, that in the long run, supplementation may not be required. 

To help you along the way, I include information about these topics in my Fat Loss Fast Start Program E-Book, my blog articles, and my follow up email communications. I also offer additional support through the Healthy Life Club group. Learn more about my Free support group here

I want you to succeed at losing the weight (and keeping it off)

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