Bloating & Gas

Bloating and gas are signs that something is going on in the digestive tract, this can happen for various reasons. 

Have you increased the amount of fiber in your daily food consumption. If you are consuming a lot of refined flour from breads, pastas, and cereals, dairy, or wheat?

Check your fiber intake:

Fiber is necessary and encourages healthy digestion but should be increased slowly and in moderation. It will add bulk to stool allowing them to move quickly, but eating too much can cause gas.

If you think this is your issue: 

  • Eat beans in moderation - You might consider doing some research on this, If you find it to be a fit, we would recommend replacing wheat and other processed grains, with high fiber vegetables, greens, beans, nuts and seeds. Don't overdo your bean consumption. They contain an indigestible sugar. 
  • Eat Fruits and Vegetable - Without a doubt, fruit and vegetables are vital for your diet, and can help reduce digestive problems because of their soluble fiber. But, don't eat in excess, especially cruciferous vegetables like cabbage that cause gas. Eating raw vegetables is always better. 
  • Eat rice in moderation - Rice doesn't produce any gas and is brilliant for digestion. Swap potatoes for wholegrain rice. 

Other things that may cause gas or bloating are:

  • Slow digestion causes food to ferment in the gut. This can lead to overgrowth of bad bacteria.  
  • Candida or yeast issues.
  • A reaction to a food (high fat foods, dairy or wheat are common culprits). 

That said, if your symptoms persist or are severe, it's always a good idea to consult with your personal physician. 

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