Private Coaching Sessions

Thanks so much for your interest in our Healthy Life Program. We are very happy you are focused on your health goals and look forward to helping you achieve them!

Unfortunately, the coaching services have been discontinued. We sincerely apologize for the misinformation. Please know that we are in the process of updating our advertisements to remove the incorrect information.

The good news is, we do have an alternate support group designed to deliver the encouragement and inspiration you need to be successful on your new journey.

There's no doubt that anyone on a weight-loss journey faces challenges. That's why we created Dr. Steve's Healthy Life Group. This private web-based group is designed to deliver the encouragement and inspiration you need to be successful — with convenient access from anywhere in the world on your computer, tablet or cell phone.

First, you'll gain access to Dr. Steve's Healthy Life Private Community — which will not only connect you with others just like yourself, who are on their healthy journey too - but directly with Dr. Steve and our team of RealDose certified health professionals.

We are here to provide encouragement, answer questions and help you be successful. We promise to provide the most up to date RealDose approved health info, as well as caring support and inspiration.

Through this group you'll have access to:

  • Encouragement, inspiration and friendship from other healthy minded people.
  • Resources for enhancing your weight loss and total body health.
  • Up-to-date health information.
  • Access to RealDose Certified Health Specialists for guidance.
  • Exclusive offers and contests.

Simply put, Dr. Steve's Healthy Life Group is a way to have your very own support system!

You'll be able to participate as often as you like, ask questions, and get help avoiding roadblocks! This program is valued at over $200, but for you, it's absolutely free.

Click here to join Dr. Steve's Healthy Life Group

Thanks again for your interest, we'll be looking for your request to join the group!

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