Omega 3 and weight management

Omega 3 has many many wonderful and extremely healthy effects on your body including enhanced brain and heart health, improved mood, reduced inflammation and natural weight management. 
The wording "while supporting a" healthy inflammatory response" refers to Omega 3's ability to help support your body's ability to respond to inflammation (respond = fight or reduce). Please know that Omega 3's have been scientifically proven to help REDUCE inflammation caused from other environmental factors. Many things cause inflammation in your body and it shows up in many harmful ways. I've included an article about inflammation for you later in this email. 
So, where does Cortisol come in? Because we build up inflammation in our body Cortisol (stress hormone) levels rise. High Cortisol levels can make us hold on to belly fat, lower immunity, break down muscle, connective tissue and bone, and inhibit the thyroid hormone. These are all bad news!
Ultimately, when we refer to Omega 3 as helping with natural weight management it's because it helps to reduce inflammation and Cortisol levels (which may cause stress related weight gain in some people). If you do not need to lose weight, it's not going to make your weight drop. In addition, it's important to know RealDose also offers a weight loss product called Weight Loss Formula No. 1 and Omega 3 is a great addition to the routine of those customers who DO need help with their weight. 
You can read research about Omega 3 on our website, but here's an independent article from the University of Maryland Medical Center about Omega 3's and inflammation -

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