Omega 3 And Kidney Safety

The ingredients in both WLF1 and Omega 3 originate from food sources. Weightloss formula from plants and Omega 3 from fish. All foods are broken down in your digestive tract and then pass to both the liver and kidneys through your blood stream. Most foods are safe and non toxic, however a few have been found to be toxic to the kidneys and should be avoided. I do not see any of the ingredients we use listed in the information I located through the Kidney Foundation (attached below).

Our Fish Oil comes from natural sources, and is purified using a process that results in the natural triglyceride form of the oil -- the same as you’d find in a pure source of Fish.
The purification processes and standards for Fish Oil have evolved considerably over the years, and any impurities can be detected (and removed) down to the level of parts per billion. Moreover, each and every batch is tested to ensure this same level of purity and safety.
We test for mercury levels on every batch. Results are less than .02 parts per million. This is an extremely small amount, and well within all published standards and guidelines.
For Weightloss Formula No. 1 - Our 3rd party laboratory is Atlas Bioscience Labs in Tucson, AZ. Atlas is DEA registered, and members of several industry wide organizations including AOAC (Association of Official Analytical Chemists), and currently undergoing accreditation with ACLASS for ISO:17025 certification.
We send every batch of Weight Loss Formula No. 1 to Atlas Bioscience to test for active ingredients, as well as heavy metals, residual solvents, organochlorides, organophosphates and microbiology.
Ingredients in Weightloss Formula No. 1 are - Rhodiola Rosea - 100% water soluble, Piper Betle/Dolichos Biflorus - 75-80% water soluble, and Decaffeinated green coffee bean extract - 0% water soluble.
Here is information from US National Kidney Foundation about the safety of herbs:
In terms of whether these products are safe for a kidney transplant patient, this is something a doctor would have to determine.
Here is a link showing the ingredients in our Weight Loss Formula No.1:

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