What is the biologic half life of Weight Loss Formula No. 1?

WLF1 provides standardized herbal extracts composed of many natural compounds. Some compounds are considered “active” compounds (e.g., those to which health benefits are attributed), while others are “marker” compounds (e.g., those that help ensure the authenticity of an herbal ingredient). 

Here’s a breakdown of how the body metabolizes the known active compounds in the herbal extracts in WLF1 that help support weight loss efforts:
• Siberian Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract. This is a proprietary Rhodiola rosea root extract from Siberia that is standardized to salidroside. Researchers attribute the herb’s adaptogenic action (e.g., its ability to help fortify the body’s response to stress, reduce anxiety and tension, and promote emotional well-being) to this naturally occurring compound. The half-life of salidroside has been determined to be about 2 hours, on average, based on animal research. The extract is also standardized to rosavins. These marker compounds are only found in Rhodiola rosea and serve to distinguish it from other species in the Rhodiola genus that may lack similar health benefits. 
• Svetol® Green Coffee Bean Extract. This is a proprietary green coffee bean extract from Madagascar that is standardized to chlorogenic acids, including 5-caffeoylquinic acid. The chlorogenic acids are thought to be the main active compounds responsible for the herb’s ability to promote weight and fat loss. Results from a pharmacokinetic study involving healthy adults indicate that the major chlorogenic acid compounds present in Svetol® green coffee extract are highly absorbed and metabolized in humans. The type of pharmacokinetic pattern makes the calculation of a half-life difficult; however, peak blood levels of the chlorogenic acid constituents were reported within 0.5 to 8 hours after ingestion. 
• LOWAT™ Proprietary Blend. This is a proprietary blend of extracts of Piper betle leaf and Dolichos biflorus seed from India. It is standardized to key marker compounds to ensure authenticity; however, researchers have yet to identify the specific active compound(s) responsible for its benefits related to weight loss and balancing fat-hormones. 
• Bioperine® Black Pepper Extract. This is a proprietary black pepper extract standardized to piperine. It works by helping to promote optimal nutrient absorption by the intestine.

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