Will WLF1 assist with weight loss on an intermittent fasting plan?

Will WLF assist in losing weight even if fasting?

Yes, WLF1 will support weight loss efforts when taken on a daily basis, even on a day when fasting. This ensures that the active ingredients are consumed in the same amounts shown to be effective in clinical research. For example:

LOWAT proprietary blend -- in the amount in the product -- has been shown to accelerate weight loss and balance fat-regulating hormones … when daily for 8 weeks.

Svetol Green Coffee Extract -- in the amount in the product -- has been shown to accelerate weight and fat loss … when taken daily for about 8 weeks (60 days).

Siberian Rhodiola Extract -- in the amount in the product -- has been shown to fortify the body’s response to stress, reduce anxiety and tension, and promote emotional well-being … when taking daily for 10 weeks.

What is our position on the efficacy of fasting for weight loss?

When it comes to the best meal frequency to promote weight loss, including fasting, we follow the research. Unfortunately, current body of evidence comparing fasting to a typical daily reduced calorie intake is very limited. Here’s what we know:

Well-controlled studies have compared “intermittent fasting” to daily dieting. Intermittent fasting typically involves eating a very low calorie diet (e.g., 600 calories per day) for 1-2 days per week and a typical low-calorie diet for the rest of the week. Results are inconclusive. Two studies ([i],[ii]) report no difference in weight loss, and one study reports intermittent fasting promoted more weight loss than daily dieting.([iii])

Another active area of research is intermittent dieting, in particular, the so-called “Two-Day Diet” during which calories (and carbohydrates) are severely restricted for two days a week. One well-controlled study found that people following this type of plan lost the same amount of weight as those following a typical 1,500 calorie diet plan; however, they lost twice as much body fat and improved insulin sensitivity.([iv])

Robust data are lacking to support other types of fasting for weight loss.

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