Are RealDose products micronized?

Micronization is a formulation method that reduces the particle size of nutrients, drugs or other active ingredients. This results in smaller particles that can more readily disperse in water and, therefore, be more available for absorption by the body.

However, this method is typically reserved for ingredients that don’t dissolve well in water. It would offer no meaningful benefit for ingredients that already dissolve well in water (such as those in Weight Loss Formula No. 1) or ingredients that are enteric coated to bypass the stomach and release in the intestine (such as Super Critical Omega-3 TG Fish Oil).

For products formulated for the RealDose™ brand, we not only choose active ingredients in readily absorbable forms, but also in forms that have been clinically validated for their intended health benefits. For example, all the active herbs in WLF1 are not only soluble in water, but are in delivery forms (e.g., proprietary extracts standardized to key bioactive compounds) confirmed to be effective in human studies for weight loss benefits.

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