Can I take another weight loss aid with Weight Loss Formula No.1?

RealDose Nutrition is built on the premise that you deserve supplements whose effectiveness can be clearly demonstrated. That is why every ingredient we use is all natural, research-backed and included at the real dose used in clinical studies. 

In making your decision to use another supplement, it's important to know research on Weight Loss Formula No. 1  ingredients shows that in two groups of people following identical diets, the study group experienced double the weight loss results compared to the placebo group.  (We have our research posted on our website, under the research tab).

All formulas are also reviewed by our formulation team and by Dr. Steven Sisskind M.D., a graduate of The Baylor College of Medicine.

Ultimately, considering the science and quality of Weight Loss Formula No. 1 , you should not need to take another supplement with it. It works great by itself! We also have research to back it's results and many satisfied customers who've provided their success stories for us to share with you. You can view Customer Reviews here:  and if you have a Facebook account, there are more posted here:

We'd also encourage you to read the scientific research on both products while making your decision. It's important to know the true results of the products and not just what the advertisements want you to think.  If like to read more about the research studies on WLF1 please visit our website and click on the "Research" tab.

Ultimately, should you decide to use another supplement it's good to know we formulated RealDose to be safe, non-addictive, and without side effects.  We are not aware of any potential food or supplement interactions.  However, if you have a concern about a potential interaction with RealDose Weight Loss Formula ingredients and a supplement or medication you are taking we encourage you to consult with your physician to make sure it's 100% safe for you.

If you have any other concerns about side effects, interactions or safety or RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1, please let us know.

To view the ingredients please use the following link:

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