Additional details on the double blind studies for WLF1?

The active ingredients in WLF1 have been the subject of clinical research, including double-blind studies. It’s a key reason why the proprietary ingredients were chosen (and used in the clinically effective amounts) for the formula. It’s part of the RealDose promise to formulate products that deliver “The Right Ingredients at the Real Dose, which is critical to helping ensure that RealDose products, including WLF1, deliver on their promise. Here’s a brief summary of key controlled clinical trials:

LOWAT® Herbal Blend
Sengupta (2012) – To test how LOWAT® promotes weight loss and hormone balance, researchers in India completed this double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial. For this study, 50 heavy men and women were asked to follow a standard diet and exercise program and were randomly assigned to one of two groups: one group taking LOWAT® herbal blend (300 mg before meals); another group taking a placebo. After 8 weeks, those taking LOWAT® had more than twice the total weight loss, on average, compared to the placebo group (9.4 lbs vs. 3.9 lbs, respectively) with a corresponding decrease in body mass index (BMI). After 8 weeks, the participants taking LOWAT® also had a 15% increase in serum adiponectin and a 20% decrease in serum ghrelin. These findings indicate that adding LOWAT® to a reduced-calorie diet program results in a 2.4-fold increase after 8 weeks.(1)

Siberian Rhodiola Root Extract
Abidov (2004) – To test how the proprietary rhodiola extract in WLF1 works as an adaptogen, researchers in Russia completed this double-blind, randomized, controlled study. A total of 36 healthy adults were randomly assigned to one of three groups. One group received the rhodiola extract (340 mg/day) and another received a placebo for 30 days before and 6 days after an exhaustive physical exercise test. The third group received no treatment (control group). To exhaust the participants, the researchers asked them to pedal on a stationary cycle at progressively faster speeds until they could no longer rotate the pedal fast (60 cycles/min). Blood samples were collected before and after exercise and measured for exercise-induced inflammation and muscle damage. The rhodiola group had significantly less post-exercise inflammation and muscle damage compared to the other groups. These findings indicate that Rhodiola extract not only has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, especially after strenuous exercise, but also works as an adaptogen that helps normalize bodily processes.(2)

Svetol® Green Coffee Extract
Dellalibera (2007) – To test how the Svetol® Green Coffee Extract (GCE) in WLFL works as an adaptogen, researchers in Italy completed this double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. In this study, 50 overweight men and women were randomly assigned to take Svetol® GCE (400 mg/day) or a placebo for 60 days while following a reduced-calorie diet. After 60 days, Svetol® GCE resulted in over twice as much weight loss as placebo (10.9 lbs vs. 5.4 lbs, respectively) with a higher muscle-to-fat ratio, which is an indication of burning more fat. These findings indicate that adding Svetol® GCE to a low-calorie diet dramatically accelerates weight and fat loss.(3)

Bioperine® Black Pepper Extract
Numerous studies involving healthy adults indicate that Bioperine® (5 mg or more) not only works to enhance the absorption of herbs, vitamins, minerals and specialty nutrients taken at the same time, but also enhances bioavailability. In short, more nutrient is absorbed by the intestine and enters the bloodstream ready for delivery to fat cells and other cells.(4-6) 

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