Is RealDose Vegan Vitamin D3 manufactured in a Vegan Facility?

Vegan D3 is produced by our manufacturing partner, Garden State Nutritionals. This New Jersey-based facility manufactures both vegan and non-vegan products. To ensure quality manufacturing with no cross contamination, we require our manufacturing partners to fully adhere with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Garden State Nutritionals maintains several third party certifications that confirm quality manufacturing. GMP certification by NSF ( is one example. This program includes regular facility audits to verify strict manufacturing standards are met. The facility is also certified for food safety – which includes additional manufacturing requirements beyond those for dietary supplements – and is certified to produce organic, kosher, halal, and sport-certified products. Interestingly, 15% of the workforce at the facility is employed in quality assurance or quality control activities, which is substantially higher than the industry standard of 5-8% employees.

Of course, as with all RealDose products, we verify product quality through our own third-party analytical testing.

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