RD Wholesale Partner Introduction Letter


We appreciate your interest in RealDose Nutrition and our Wholesale Health Partner Program.  

Our Wholesale program offers discount packages to approved Health Partners starting at 50% off our suggested retail price. Please keep in mind when selling our product, you will not be allowed to sell online through any website, social media account, or other 3rd party site  (ebay, amazon, etc.).  Shipping fees must be charged to your 3rd party shipping account. 

We offer a 365-day buy back option and our minimum order amount is 6 bottles with a maximum order of 24 bottles. Orders more than 24 bottles are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  View our Product Catalog:    RealDose Product Catalog

Following these links you will find the  Wholesale Health Partner Application, wholesale price list, Shipping account information,  and credit card authorization form. 

- Wholesale Partner Application and Agreement:    RD Wholesale-Partner-Application

- Wholesale Partner Credit Card Authorization:   RealDose-Wholesale-CC-Auth

- Product Pricing Sheet:     RD Wholesale Pricing Sheet

- All shipping fees must be charged to your 3rd party shipping account:  Shipping Account Details

Please complete the forms and return them signed via email to   wholesale@realdose.com or by fax to 307-316-0381 ATTN: Wholesale. 

Once we have reviewed your application, we will contact you to regarding your approval status. You will then be ready to place your order. 

If you have further questions about the RealDose Wholesale Health Partner Program opportunity please contact us at: 


I want to wish you good health!  Thanks again for your interest. 

Warm regards, 
Dr. SteveSteven Sisskind, M.D. & the RealDose Team

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