RD Product Catalog 2015

At RealDose, we believe passionately in helping people achieve better health. After all, that’s the foundation for a happy, active, productive life. Feeling better helps us look our best, do our best and be our best selves. We believe that our customers deserve our very best: supplements whose effectiveness can be clearly demonstrated. 

At RealDose, we use the exact same ingredients the scientists used in their orginal research, sourced from the same locations and extracted in the same ways. 

Here’s our RealDose promise to you: 

  • Every RealDose product blends “the right ingredients at the real dose.” No exceptions. 
  • Our ingredients have been proven effective in double-blind, placebocontrolled human studies—they come from the same sources and are included at the same doses as those used in human studies. 
  • To ensure the identity, purity and potencty of each ingredient, our entire product line is third-party tested. 
  • As an extra standard of excellence, all our products must pass the “Mom Test.” If we wouldn’t offer it to our moms, we won’t offer it to you
  • View our product catalog here:   https://secure.realdosenutrition.com/k/product-catalog

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