Your RealDose Healthy Life Program

Welcome to the RealDose Healthy Life Program! Hopefully, by now you’ve received your first order and are ready to get started working towards your goals! We are so happy you joined Dr. Steve's Healthy Life Club and are committed to becoming a healthier version of YOU! 

We want you to be successful on your new journey so we're providing a list of Must-Have documents below to help you get started on the RealDose Healthy Life program. Each of these steps will help you be successful at achieving your new goals!


Make sure to purchase & take the Weight Loss Formula No.1, 3 times daily (see the New Member Jumpstart Package below).

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Commitment and accountability will help you be successful so please complete these steps:

  1. Sign the Weight Loss Contract - This is a one-time contract that outlines your weight loss goals and helps you stay committed to the person the matters the MOST - yourself! 
  2. View the 7 Steps to a Healthy Life - These 7 Important Steps will help you stay focused on what is truly important  - to be HEALTHY for a life time.
  3. Implement Dr. Steve's Fat Loss Fast Start Plan - A Nutrition & Lifestyle plan just for you! This exclusive plan contains Dr. Steve's leading edge information on diet, exercise and stress reduction techniques that will help you stay fit, trim and healthy for a lifetime.
  4. Complete the Life balance work-sheet - This quick activity will help you determine which of your lifestyle habits needs the most attention.
  5. Start the Self Care Exercises - You should do 1 Self-Care exercise each day. This will help you stay focused on living a balanced life.
  6. Turn in at least ONE accountability check in form each week - Use this form to stay accountable and help you meet your goals. You should complete this form at least ONCE weekly, but more often if you desire!


Make sure to stay active in Dr. Steve’s Healthy Life group for support, motivation, daily goals & challenges. If you haven't joined yet --->  GO HERE TO JOIN

We will post daily GOALS in the group, each morning. We encourage you to follow along to help you stay positive and motivated!

Look for:

  1. A self care goal post in the a.m. - This daily goal will help you focus on making self care a priority, it will help start your day with a GOOD intention and will lead to a more balanced life, both emotionally and physically.
  2. A nutrition or fitness goal post in the a.m. - This daily goal will help you focus on making healthy nutrition and activity a priority, and will lead to a more balanced life, both emotionally and physically.

    • All members are encouraged to participate and ask questions
    • Have fun & make friends
    • Share recipes and healthy info, memes, gifs etc!
    • Share struggles and accomplishments
    • Support & motivate each other
    • There will also be periodic FUN CHALLENGES to keep you motivated, so keep on the look-out for those too!

Additionally, you may want to visit our Customer Support site for product FAQ's, educational material, weight loss & nutrition info and more!

And, don't forget, we are here to support you - we want you to succeed! If you have any questions about the Healthy Life program or how it works, feel free to post your questions or comments in the group or email us at

~ Be healthy!

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