Charges on receipt don't match my statement

All charges made by RealDose will show as "RealDose Nutrition" on your statement.
If you live outside the United States, please know that all prices on the RealDose website, receipt, and all charges made by RealDose are in US Dollars. Charges will post to your bank account in your currency amount. This is why you may see different charges on your statement, than you see on the receipt we sent you. Your bank may also assess a fee to convert the US Dollars to your currency. Please contact your bank and ask about currency exchange fees associated with this charge. 
Currency exchange differences are the only incorrect or additional charges that should be posted on your account, with the exception of Colorado state sales tax.
If you find you were charged incorrectly, we ask that you please forward a copy of your bank record showing the fee.
Please black out your account number or other sensitive financial data, leaving only your name and address. You can attach and email the documents directly to or you can fax them to 1-307-316-0381. 

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