Spring Detox Challenge E-Book & Shopping List

Thanks for joining the Spring Detox!

Toxins are everywhere, and they are impossible to avoid. 

Your body's ability to process toxins found in your food & environment, is a pervasive factor in your ability to reach a healthy goal or maintain a healthy weight. 

The good news is the body is designed to detoxify or cleanse itself, and in a perfect world this happens without us even thinking about it! 

However, there are things that hinder the natural detoxification process, and one of the most important ones is not getting the right nutrient s in your body to tell this process to work correctly.

As promised here's the Spring Detox Challenge E-Book. This book contains all the info you'll need to understand how toxins effect the body, what to do to avoid them, and how to optimize your natural ability to detox them and restore your health! 

Make sure to read all the important details! 

The Detox Instructions are listed on page 10. There you'll see the detox broken down into segments. The first 9 days are the "Flush days", this is when we'll be avoid certain foods and your body will be releasing the most toxins. 

As with any good detox, after the 9 day flush it's time to rebuild!  

Starting day 10 - 30, we start to add back in some of the foods we avoided during the flush, and continue to lot's of eat liver healing foods chosen specifically for their ability to support our body to flush toxins, while nourishing us with vital nutrients. 

You'll find list of Liver Healing Foods is found on page 11, and some items you'll need to get started are listed on page 29. 

Access the Spring Detox E-Book Here --->  Spring Detox E-Book (Feel free to print this book or it's viewable from any device). 

(See Liver Healing Foods on Page 11 and Shopping list is on page 29) 

Don't forget to tune in to Dr. Steve's Healthy Life Club group for support during your detox!

Reminder, the detox starts on April 15th! 

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