What is the difference in the Wholesale and Affiliate Programs?

Thank you for your interest in RealDose products and our Wholesale and Affiliate Programs. 

Wholesale partners are typically Healthcare Practitioners who want to sell our products in their business or office. They are not allowed to advertise or sell our products online or through a website. Our Wholesale program offers discount packages to approved Health Partners starting at 50% off our suggested retail price. Wholesale partners are responsible to pay for shipping through a 3rd party shipping account.

Click here for details:  Apply for a Wholesale Health Partner account

Affiliate partners are allowed to advertise our products online but must provide a link to our website store and ALL orders must be placed through our shopping cart. Affiliate partners receive a 30% commission on all RealDose products. In addition to the 30% commission on the first sale of new customers, affiliates will also be compensated for all sales ever made from a customer they introduced to RealDose through our True Lifetime Value Commissions program.

Click here for details:  Apply for an Affiliate Partner account

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