RealDose Return Instructions

1. Print and include this page INSIDE the box you ship back to us.

2.  Provide your RMA - This is your Order ID: (RDSH-___________ ) . (located on the packing slip that came in your package).

3.  Which item/product and how many containers of each are you returning?______________________________________

4. What is the lot number of each item you are returning? (the lot# is stamped on the bottom or side of the bottle near the expiration date).  lot/batch#___________________________________________________________________________________

5. Circle your Reason for Return: 

1. adverse reaction (specify) ______________ 6. overstocked
2. defective or damaged product 7. shipping issue
3. did not get expected results 8. did not like taste/texture/size
4. financial 9. wrong product received/trade
5. medical advised against using 10. product expired

How to return your package:

 The fee for return shipping must be paid by the customer *

  1. Ship your return package back via the shipper of your choice (local postal service, UPS, FedEx etc.). 
  2. Include completed return instructions inside your package.
  3. Ask for a tracking number to be assigned to your package.
  4. Ship to:
    RealDose Nutrition Attn: Returns Processing
    1200 Worldwide Blvd.
    Hebron, Ky 41048

How to receive a refund: 

*To receive a refund send an email to and include the following -
  1. Name on order
  2. Order ID 
  3. Item & quantity returned 
  4. Lot/batch number of each container
  5. Tracking number for the package you are returning
  6. Include your Reason for Return (see #5 above).
  7. US residents please provide a paypal id OR confirm your mailing address for refund check.
  8. Outside the US please provide a paypal id for your refund deposit. 

When will your refund be processed?

We'll process your refund as soon as we receive the email containing your returned package tracking information (see: How to receive a refund above). Please understand that from the date we receive your return information, it may take approximately 3-5 days for the refund to appear in your account.

Note: We apologize that we are unable to issue a refund back to a credit card after 120 days from the order date.  We are happy to issue a check or paypal deposit any where in the US or Canada or a paypal deposit outside of the US.

If 120 days has passed since you placed your order, please provide details about how you'd like to obtain your refund. (ie; mailing address or paypal account id), see How to receive a refund, above. 


If you have questions, we are always here to help! Please give us a call:

U.S.A customers: +1(800) 928-5580

Outside USA: +1(307) 222-6725

Australia: 1 300 901 717

 We are also available via chat located on our website ( or by email at


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