Weight Loss Formula No. 1 - Hormones & Menopause Concerns

RealDose WLF1 contains natural botanical ingredients, it does not contain hormones.

The ingredients work to help balance the 4 hormones that prevent you from losing weight:  insulin, adiponectin, grehlin and leptin. 

The hormones related to menopause are reproductive hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. 

RealDose Weight Loss No.1 was formulated to be safe, non-addictive, and without side effects. We are not aware of any potential food or supplement interactions.

We've taken great care to formulate this product so it will not interfere with most medications, including those for the treatment of diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, and high blood pressure.

However, if you have a medical condition or a concern about a potential interaction with RealDose Weight Loss Formula ingredients and the medications you are taking you should always consult with your physician.

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