Calories in the Fat Loss Fast Start plan

The QUALITY of the food you take in is the most important thing to consider for total body health,  and we highly recommend focusing more on quality than calories.  This is why we have suggested foods along with recommended serving sizes in our plan, rather than listing calories. 

Following a calorie counting plan can be very deceiving because there are many items considered to be "food" that have low-to-no calories that are not whole nutritious food. Examples: chips, crackers, sugar free items, diet soda etc. Any of these items would fit into a "calorie counting" only plan. 

The amount of calories in the Fat Loss Fast Start Program depends on the specific food choices you make. 

Below are  estimates of calories in our recommended food groups:

Vegetables - 6 one cup servings = 200 Calories

Fruits - 3 small servings = 200 Calories

Beans - 3 half cup servings = 341 Calories

Olive Oil - 3 tbsp. = 357 calories

60-80 grams of protein = 500 calories

Whole grains - 1 half cup serving = 127

Total =  approximately 1730 calories.

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