Why does RealDose recommend Non Fat vs. Whole Fat dairy?

Yes, we recommend dairy for those who tolerate it well. We also recommend (reduced fat) nonfat or low fat over whole fat and this is why: Milk is a natural source of fat, with most of it saturated, and whole milk, yogurt made from whole milk and full-fat cheese are high in saturated fat. 

Saturated fat such as butter, lard and meat drippings, are also mostly saturated, and should be consumed lightly or in moderation. Ideally we suggest most fat come from healthy sources, such as fish, nuts, seeds, and avocados.

While we know there are preliminary studies that found no association between saturated fat and heart attacks or strokes. We do NOT know how eating saturated fat relates to actual diseases, other than bio-markers such as blood cholesterol that only suggest the possibility of artery damage. It's important to know there are also preliminary studies which show saturated fat may cause inflammation in the body, and inflammation in the body leads to disease. 

We get asked now and then why we recommended "low" fat dairy  over full fat. We don't mean to imply full fat dairy is bad, but it's very hard for us to determine what type of diet our readers are consuming on a regular basis. If they are eating a diet HIGH in saturated fat, and we recommend full fat dairy,  it's going to further hinder their weight loss efforts by adding additional calories and by possibly creating dangerous inflammation.

Ultimately,  we recommend a diet similar to the Mediterranean Diet which is lower in saturated fat and higher in omega 3 fat. We feel it's best to focus on a diet high in vegetables, lean proteins like wild caught fish or beef and low fat dairy from grass fed sources, as well as limited whole grains and fruit. Try to get your fats from healthier sources like Omega 3's than saturated fat sources. Omega 3's  come from sources such as fish, avocados nuts and seeds and studies show Omega 3 is effective at fighting inflammation.

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