When can I expect to start losing weight?

There are no "typical" results with Weight Loss Formula No 1. Everyone has different factors that affect their ability to lose weight. In some cases weight loss may take longer than you expect, as your hormones and body re-adjust and respond to all the changes you are making. Setting healthy expectations is the key. A healthy rate of weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week, so keep that in mind when you set your expectations. 

For most people the ingredients in Weight Loss Formula No. 1 can produce changes in appetite, energy, and mood in the short term with changes in weight occurring with continued use. We find that some customers get their greatest results after using the product at least 8 - 12 weeks. The best way to help the product be effective is to consistently take 3 doses per day, 30 minutes before you eat in combination with a healthy nutritional plan and exercise. Similar to what is described in our Fat Loss Fast Start Plan which comes free with every purchase of Weight Loss Formula No.1.

If you feel like there are additional barriers to you losing weight, our staff of health experts is happy to suggest more things you can do to be successful.

Over time we've looked at what tends to hold most people back at losing weight. We learned that one of the biggest factors that helps our customer's success is simply getting extra support with what they're working on. Based on this we created a solution to help overcome the most common barriers and we're happy to say this extra help and support is now available to anyone who's struggling with their goals....and there is no extra cost to get it - it's completely free! We call this Dr. Steve's Healthy Life Club.

Through this group you'll have access to:

  • Access to Dr. Steve and RealDose Certified Health Specialists for guidance.
  • Encouragement, inspiration and friendship from other health minded people.
  • Resources for enhancing your weight loss and total body health.
  • Up-to-date health information.
  • Exclusive offers and contests.

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