How does RealReds compare to Gundry Vital Reds?

How does RealReds compare to Dr. Gundry's Vital Reds?

It’s difficult to compare RealReds with Vital Reds. Based on the label, Vital Reds appears to be a B vitamin with three proprietary blends that contain various botanicals and probiotics. Unfortunately, the proprietary blends fail to disclose the amount of each ingredient or the polyphenols content, so it’s unclear if amounts are adequate to offer health benefits.

By contrast, RealReds was specifically formulated to deliver a precise amount of protective polyphenols in every serving (an amount equivalent to 6 servings of fruits). It includes a wide variety of fruits and berries, including clinically effective amounts with known health benefits.

As with all RealDose products, we’re proud to fully disclose all the details on the label including the following:

       Exact amounts of all active ingredients. So you know exactly what is in each serving.

       Names of premium branded ingredients. So you can learn more about each ingredient, including clinical research. 

       Polyphenols content of standardized fruits and berries. So you know exactly what polyphenols and how much are in each serving.

       Clinically researched ingredients. So you know the health benefits achieved from research-backed ingredients, including fortifying your body’s antioxidant defense, combating premature aging and more.

       Origin of sourcing. So you know where the fruit and berries are sourced from Alaskan blueberries to California pomegranates and beyond, all exclusively from plants grown in North America, South American and Europe.

Like all RealDose products, RealReds was developed to deliver clinically effective amounts of key ingredients – The Right Ingredients at the Real Dose – and is tested for purity and potency by an independent, third-party laboratory.

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