Can I eat other fruits besides those Dr. Steve recommends in his Fat Loss Fast Start Plan?

All fruits may be enjoyed as part of your daily fruit intake. However, we encourage you to choose at least half (preferably all) of your fruits from berries and other fruits that are naturally rich in anti-inflammatory compounds (see list below). 

As a general guideline, eat two to three servings of fruits per day, choosing anti-inflammatory fruits more often. A serving of fresh or frozen fruit is no bigger than a tennis ball, so don’t overdo it. Divide your daily fruit intake throughout the day. Too much fruit at once can create spikes in your blood sugar level that can be detrimental to your weight-loss efforts.

Fruits rich in anti-inflammatory compounds include:

Black currants
Black plums
Cherries (sweet)
Concord grapes
Raspberries (black or red)
Red grapes

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