RD Wholesale Partner Program - 3rd party shipping account

Once your Wholesale Application has been approved you will be ready to place your first order. 

To place a wholesale order you will need to have an account with USPS or UPS. You can set up an account on their website (see links below).

Once your account is set up you will receive an account number. You can then use your shipping account any time you ship a package or need a package shipped to you.

Essentially it's a charge account, where shipping can be charged directly to your credit card/bank account.

Approved WholeSale partners simply provide us their shipping account #, let us know what shipping method to use, and we will bill it directly to your shipping account. This way you pay the true shipping cost and there are no hidden fees.

Your next step is to set up an account through one of the freight companies listed below. Then, simply provide us with your account information when you place your next order and we’ll handle the rest!

The approved shipping companies are: USPS or UPS.

Click here to set up an account with:

USPS International Business Account
UPS Account

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