How does Weight Loss Formula No. 1 help customers to balance their cortisol level?

WLF1 is unlikely to balance cortisol in people with a cortisol deficiency. People with cortisol deficiency don’t increase cortisol production in response to stress.

By contrast, people with normal adrenal gland function can produce high levels of cortisol when exposed to too much stress over time. And, a high cortisol level is linked to excess body fat. For these people, WLF1 may help prevent any potential stress-related increases in cortisol that can affect body fat stores.

The calming actions of WLF1 include the ability to promote emotional well-being and help reduce anxiety and tension. These actions are attributed to the Rhodiola rosea root in the product. This unique extract works as an adaptogen that helps normalize body functions and protects body systems that can be compromised by stress. Researchers believe it works by activating neurotransmitters that play a role in emotion and mood.

As with all dietary supplements, people who have or suspect a medical condition, including a cortisol deficiency, or are taking any medications, should consult with their healthcare professional prior to use.

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