Anita Kiss

Anita Kiss

Weight Loss Formula NO.1 , Super Critical Omega 3 TG - 60 Day Challenge: Date of this testimonial: customer edit July 11, 2015

- " I started taking RealDose WLF 1 in December 2014. Then I weighed 140.4 pounds and my goal was to lose the last 5-10 pounds of baby weight that stuck around no matter how hard I tried to lose it. I am a psychic medium and I believe that support and guidance can come from different places, the material world as well as from other realms. Shortly after I started asking for help, I discovered Dr. Steve's video. I started the Fat Loss Program right away and even before I got WLF 1, I lost 3 pounds. Then I started taking the supplements, including the fish oil, but the first month nothing happened. I started losing weight again during the second month. My weight loss progress has been very slow, maybe 1-2 pounds a month, although I have been following everything in the Fat Loss Guide.

When I signed up for the challenge in April, I weighed 133.2 pounds and today I weighed 131.2 pounds. Since I started the program, I have lost 9 pounds and 5% body fat (went from 30% to 25%). This means a lot to me. The formula helps curb my appetite and relaxes me. I like that the Fat Loss Program makes sense and it is not as restrictive as other programs I tried in the past. I didn't have to tweak too much in my diet but I definitely eat less sugar including fruits and milk. Because my weight loss has been slow and it has always been this way, I have had to keep changing things along the way. First cutting out most fruits except for some berries, then stop drinking milk and using only a bit of almond milk. I have also added more high intensity exercise and core training to my regime.
The most challenging part of my weight loss journey has been the emotional part. I was slightly overweight in my childhood and early adulthood. It was after my daughter was born that I discovered a program that helped me learn more about nutrition and lose all the excess weight. After my son was born I was hesitant to go back to that program though because it was very restrictive and therefore emotionally challenging. Dr. Steve's program makes sense for the long term. I don't feel like I'm always missing out on something. But letting the hurt and nasty comments go that I received in my childhood is very difficult. Transforming ourselves inside is just as important as transforming our bodies. I haven't arrived yet. Neither emotionally nor psychically. But I am on my way.
The emails and articles I receive on a regular basis are very helpful. Also, Dr. Steve looks like a knowledgeable, approachable and down-to-earth person who is passionate about helping others. And helping others is in the focus of my own life as well.
During the process I have found it helpful to have something to look forward to every day. Today's society is very fast-paced; we are busy all the time. But I need to enjoy something in my life every day, even if for a few minutes. Be that meditation, yoga, a nice cup of coffee or tea, a glass of wine, a good book, a good conversation, making someone smile or receiving a smile from my children.
I would like to thank Dr. Steve and the RealDose team for all the help and support I have received so far. I still would like to lose a bit more weight but find it very hard to break that 130 pound mark. "
-- Anita K., Victoria, British Columbia, CA
"As an afterword I would like to add that since I wrote my story I could actually break that 130 pound mark and reached 129.4 pounds with 22.9% body fat. I've been working towards this goal for 6 months and am very happy now. I will continue following the program and see where I end up."
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Anita had struggled with her weight through child and early adulthood. She tried a few programs but found they were hard to follow and very restrictive. 

Here's what Anita has to say, 

The RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 helps curb my appetite and relaxes me. I like that the Fat Loss Program makes sense and it is not as restrictive as other programs I tried in the past. I have  finally met my goal. This means a lot to me."

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